Things to Do in Southern Maryland: Friendship Farm Park


In Charles County, it's easy to get lost in the hustle-and-bustle of being just 45 minutes outside of the DC area. With Waldorf and St. Charles growing more every day, we sometimes need to get away from the sprawl down 301 and see more of the beautiful outdoors right here in Southern Maryland.

Feeling that itch recently, I decided to voyage down to little-known Friendship Farm Park in western Charles County. Not as popular as the Indian Head Rail Trail or Gilbert Run, Friendship Farm Park features beautiful waterfront hiking on five different trails. The looping paths for hiking make for over four miles of scenery on the 235-acre parcel of land, overlooking Nanjemoy Creek for much of the hike.

In addition to the waterfront views are some great opportunities for farm-life sightseeing. The abandoned (maybe?) barns that dot the property are a great place to relax for some pictures and to stop and eat, as the water is also visible from the buildings.

Although I didn't do any boating or fishing, both are permitted at the park, with a county-run boat ramp featured on the property and fishing allowed from dawn until dusk on the pier or shoreline. In fact, I was told that the property is designated by the state for free fishing, meaning even those without a license may try their luck at the park.

The only caution I have for anybody looking to check the park out is to beware of soggy conditions and some unkempt paths. Both of these issues may have simply been because I was up there in the spring, though some areas of the path were very overgrown, and poison ivy was visible along areas by the water. Simply take precautions and wear long pants during your hike, and make sure you bring A LOT of bug spray, as it seems every type of annoying, flying bug loves the conditions by the water.